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"Good design is about using the power of creativity to change ordinary businesses into extraordinary successful businesses."

The  Design Process:

We believe that good design is about using the power of creativity to change ordinary businesses into extraordinary successful businesses. The reality is, good design sells and transforms businesses through a strategic design approach.

Those companies who embrace creativity and are always on the cutting edge of design will always be more successful than those who do not.

Through our unique design approach, we partner with our clients to use creativity to drive everything from the brand of the product through to the overall look and feel of the business, helping customers build awareness. The result is customer loyalty.

A business that is not doing so well generally is because of old poor presentation, a bad image of the business and brand. The key to the success of the business is potential customers will always go to a newer and fresher looking business than to an older one. The perception is, if it looks clean and fresh then it must be.


When the business has: a good design, a good brand identity, it is clean, the product is very good and it has excellent customer service, success will follow automatically. Customers will always help others remember their experiences through word of mouth without realising they have promoted the business through face to face communication.

So you might be wondering how and where it all starts. What is the process from beginning to end? The following is generally the industry standard and is a good guide for you to understand the design process.

Design Scope:

 Stage 1- Understanding Your Business:

The first stage of the design process is to discuss your business. What type of business it is that you have or are thinking of having?  We will discuss your brand direction and strategy. Then we will do an in-depth study. We will ‘design interrogate’ in order to learn as much as possible about your business. This is generally ‘the laying of the foundations’ for good design outcomes.

Stage 2 - Understanding the Site:

We will then have a site meeting and receive drawings, specifications and information that is specific to the site and its conditions. Familiarise ourselves with the site by taking photos and measure up.


 Stage 3 - Concept Design:

Once we have gathered and collected all our research and information, we will then through brainstorming ideas and sketch designs, develop creative thoughts on paper for you to view and receive feedback for the next stage of the design process. During this stage, we will then shortlist the best ideas and closely consider our client’s feedback, ready for our final concept design presentation.


 Stage 4 - Design Development:

Review the design development and seek approval of the visual identity to ensure that the design communication is clear, effective and powerful for the success of the business.

Once the final design is selected and refined, we will finalise the design and prepare a fully documented design style guide and materials package.

By this stage, the entire design is well rounded and has been finalised from the micro to the macro of the brand identity. Generally, this can be from coordinating the brand logo/packaging stage, through to environmental graphics stage, through to the interiors stage, and through to the architectural stage and may also include external signage if required.

 Stage 5 - Design Documentation:

We will then take the approved design and prepare Cad plans, elevations, and finishes boards, for approval by you and all parties.

 Stage 6 - Preparation of Drawings for Approvals:

At this stage, we will prepare and ensure that the drawings are ready for the purposes of authorities approvals, such as Private Certifying Authority or landlord approvals. On your behalf, we will lodge drawings to Council or PCA for approval. Review the full design package with you and all parties and seek final approval.

 Stage 7 - Contract Documentation:

The working drawings are then finalised for construction and for tender purposes. During this phase, we will call for three tenders and do a full cost comparison for you to see the actual cost of the project and assist the tenders with any questions that they might have.


 Stage 8 - Construction Phase:

At the construction phase, we will stay in close contact on a day to day basis with you and the nominated builder to ensure that the project runs smoothly and to the agreed program. During this stage, it is very important that we also assist the nominated experienced builder or shopfitter with any further questions that they might have during the construction phase.


We generally will have a site meeting once or twice a week, depending on how long the project may run for. Also, assist all consultants with questions that they may have and inform you of the project program.

 Stage 9 - Final Inspection:

By this stage, the project is almost ready for hand over. All the loose ends have been tidied up and we will organise with the Authorities and the builder or shopfitter an Occupational Certificate for you to start trading. We will also do a final inspection report to ensure that attention to detail has not been compromised and the project is well completed to your satisfaction.