Sydney Interior Designer Hector Rivas offers more than 28 years of national and international design experience. Because of his strong working relationship with clients, many leaders recognise him for  his excellent leadership and design skills. His enthusiasm for design is reflected in his ability to help clients achieve their goals.

Hector Rivas

Hector Rivas began his career in 1988 as an architectural draftsman and has worked as a professional interior designer since 1997. He has more than 28 years of interior and architectural international design experience. 

​Hector's expertise ranges from commercial interiors to architecture, and he has worked in major international design firms such as Arclinea, David Hicks Peddle Thorp, Design Portfolio, Hassell Design, Woods Bagot, and KSDP International. 


​In 1993, Hector furthered his studies by attending university to become a fully qualified interior designer. After completing his bachelor’s degree in interior design, Hector worked as an interior designer project leader for Woods Bagot, an international architectural consultant company. 


​Furthering his career and experience, in 1999 Hector moved on and worked for KSDP International as the company's senior interior designer. Becoming a major player in winning projects, he gained extensive experience in strategic brand design. Through the success of many projects, he saw the company grow substantially. ​​

​In 2001, Hector was proud to be one of the senior interior designer for Saunders Creative, which later became Saunders Global. After working for six years for the company, in 2006 Hector was appointed as the creative design director, working alongside his mentor and CEO, Paul Saunders. During this valuable mentoring time, his primary role was concept designer for the majority of projects, always striving for design excellence. His flair for design is clearly evident in retail architecture and interior design. His passion for design always encouraged the company's design team.


Hector Rivas offers all types of clients more than 28 years of national and international interior design experience from start to finish. Because of his strong working relationship with clients, many industry leaders recognised him for his  excellent leadership and design skills. His enthusiasm for design is reflected in his ability to help clients achieve their goals.

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His enthusiasm for design is reflected in his ability to help clients achieve their goals.